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Fish Food - the Card Game

  • Feeding Frenzy Card
  • Fish Food - Size 4 Attacking Creature Card
  • Fish Food - Shark Event Card
  • Fish Food - Size 9 Attacking Creature Card

Fish Food - the card game

It's a fish eat fish world!

A fun game for the whole family. It's a fish eat fish world out there so watch out. Get ahead by eating smaller fish and growing bigger. Use actions in your hand to modify the sizes to give yourself a temporary defensive boost or to help attack an opposing player. Look out for Event cards like the Shark or Take the Bait which can mix up the game. First player to size 10 wins, but if you get knocked to 0 you lose! Simple math skills are used throughout the game, although there are plenty of chances to use advanced strategy too!

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Action Shots

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